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Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!

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Are you a breastfeeding mama?  Have you ever been shy about nursing your baby somewhere?  Or...have you ever been asked not to nurse somewhere?  Celebrate your right to nurture your child this week!

I know when I first started breastfeeding I was so scared of what people were going to say or how they were going to act.  Luckily, when my baby was around a week old and I was in a restauarant and getting ready to go nurse in a bathroom, I had a wonderful lady boldly tell me that if I don't get comfortable doing it in public now that I never will and if I don't get comfortable then I will probably quit nursing earlier than planned.  Boy do I appreciate her boldness because I quickly learned that the law protects me and providing my baby with nourishment is MUCH more important to me that hiding and hoping no one gets offended.

One of the biggest and best helpers a new breastfeeding mama needs is support!  Check out some great ways Amy Gates from BlogHer came up with to help out another mama and celebrate this amazing and sometimes unbareably difficult gift of nature.

  • give a mother the phone number of an LLL Leader.
  • tell a first-time breastfeeding mother she is doing just fine.
  • bring the new mother a nutritious snack and a big glass of water.
  • as an employer, accommodate a mother's need to pump with a private comfortable space.
  • as the baby's father, intercede with family and friends so that mother and baby can feel confident
  • write to legislators to support the enactment of laws supporting paid maternity leave and mother-friendly workplaces.
  • contact an emergency relief organization and request training to help in emergency situations, especially in breastfeeding support.
  • take care of your health and nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation.
  • set up or join a network of lactation experts in your community.
  • provide transportation to a mother to attend an LLL meeting or visit a lactation consultant.
  • advocate for legislation that enacts the provisions of the WHO/UNICEF Code of Marketing.
  • ask for support and offer support to others.

Looking for more info to help celebrate?  Enter contests,find breastfeeding blogs, or check out these breastfeeding resources at Amy Gates BlogHer article.

--I love this article from Mothering on breastfeeding rights!

--World Breastfeeding Week website


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