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Celebrate Women's Health Week with Sark's book, Succulent Wild Woman

Succulent Wild Woman - Celebrating Ourselves and Sisters
Succulent Wild Woman - Celebrating Ourselves and Sisters

Published in 1997 by Fireside, Sark’s Succulent Wild Woman is on its way to becoming a classic. This is a book that celebrates woman in all her glory – the good, the bad and the ugly. But don’t think for a second that this is the average, run-of-the-mill self-help book. No, this is a book that will invite you in with open arms, give you a big hug, and sit you down in a comfy couch with a box of chocolates and glass of wine.

Topics In Succulent Wild Woman
Written in Sark’s own colorful penmanship, Succulent Wild Woman invites readers to explore topics that can be difficult. Some of the topics that are covered include body image, relationships, sexuality, romance, money and the concept of power. She shares much of her own (sometimes painful) experiences and encourages readers to take a look within.

One of the most positive and encouraging things about Succulent Wild Woman is the assertion that women need to take care of each other. The idea of a balanced woman, who has nothing to do with the lopsided characteristics of cattiness, jealousy and pinch-faced skinniness is something that permeates throughout the book. Sark writes that one of the major blocks to succulence is that women compete with one another. Instead, stresses Sark, women should be nurturing one another, giving each other encouragement, love and support in every way.

So this week, to celebrate Women’s Health, pick up a copy of this juicy book, enjoy it thoroughly and pass it on to one of your sisters.


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