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Celebrate Winter Solstice at Glenwood Children's Park bonfire 12/19/10

Winter Solstice Bonfire - Glenwood Children's Park
Winter Solstice Bonfire - Glenwood Children's Park
Deb Nies

While Chuck E. Cheese's® ads attempt to convince me that it's "where a kid can be a kid"®, I have to say that I remain unconvinced.

Here in Madison, I would venture to say that Glenwood Children's Park is the real place to be a kid. The Parenting Tweens Examiner's column has often lauded the virtues and specialness of the Glenwood Children's Park. It is the place to come to revel and frolic in nature, to build forts in the old rock quarry, and to explore an underground tunnel.

If you haven't yet visited the park, bring your children and enjoy the Winter Solstice Bonfire event on December 19th, 2010 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The evening begins with sledding if Mother Nature has blessed us with snow by that date. Smores ingredients will be provided to attendees until supplies run out. Guests are encouraged to bring food and beverages to enjoy around the bonfire.


Thank you to Peter A. Nause of the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association for providing event details.

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#31 of 50 Dangerous Things; Go Underground at GCP

Fun fact: There might be a letterbox and/or geocache hidden in this park. Do you know about letterboxing??

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