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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with s’mores and hot chocolate at Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers Valentine's Day
Winter Warmers

The bizarre reality of Valentine’s Day is that it’s a nightmare for most people, in love or not. If you have a date, you’ll spend the days leading up to the holiday trying to ascertain and procure that person’s innermost desire, and if you’re single you’ll spend the days leading up trying to pretend the holiday doesn’t exist at all.

Fortunately, anyone who wishes not to participate in such stress-inducing practices can find refuge this year in Brooklyn.

Winter Warmers, a cozy pop-up hot chocolate and s’mores shop in Park Slope, is offering up a fun, family-friendly alternative to the forced romance and overpriced menus of many New York Valentine’s Day options.

For $24 per person, you and your loved ones (or unloved ones, if you so choose) will be treated to a delightful tasting menu of Winter Warmers’ signature homemade marshmallows in a variety of exciting flavors, as well as graham crackers, a hot beverage, and a mini hibachi where you can roast your own s’mores.

Whether you’re looking to have some wholesome fun with the family, eat your feelings on your own, indulge your love of mini hibachi grills, or enjoy a casual date in a warm environment, you can hardly go wrong with your own personal s'mores station and a whole lot of chocolate.

Reservations are encouraged, though walk-ins will also be accommodated when possible.

Winter Warmers is located at 808 Union Street in Park Slope. Check their website for the full menu and contact information.

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