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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Good Clean Love

Love can be clean and passionate!
Love can be clean and passionate!
Good clean love

It's time for some good clean love this Valentine's Day.

Love is just no fun when it's sticky, no matter the situation. With their full line of organic sensual body products, the Eugene, Oregon based company delivers all the pleasure without the mess, promising to leave no bitter after-taste.

I tested out both the Cinnamon Vanilla and Almost Naked personal lubricants and they are both silky with plenty of long-lasting glide. No strong odors, and quite tasty without the typical sickening sweet, artificial flavor. (Who needs fake?)

The Spicy Orange Body Candy is a sweet treat for both lovers. Perfect for using during sensual body massages that set the mood. Top your kisses with this edible candy balm and apply it anywhere you need some extra loving. (Don't be shy!)

For those wanting to add a sensual oil to their fun, the Love Oil trio is the perfect set for playtime. Add a few drops to the bath, or set the stage for an erotic shower by applying Indian Spice, Caribbean Rose or the Original Oil wherever your hands might wander...or your imagination!

Keep your loving clean...because clean love, is good love. And that's really the best kind anyway.



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