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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new Urban Halo

Urban Halo headbands
Urban Halo headbands

It’s a lady's favorite time of the year again. A time to be pampered, love and be loved, and receive fun gifts from Cupid, right? During this romantic time of the year, try dropping a hint or two and lead your man away from the typical chocolate and flowers, and onto your very own Urban Halo.

With these handpicked Valentine’s day red and pink colored headbands, you will definitely feel the love. And, you'll love that they are no slip, no sweat, and no headache.

Urban Halo loves bringing out the inner athlete and master of multi-tasking mommy that we know you all are. Easy to wear from yoga to basketball droff off, take your pick from the beautiful collection that fits your one of kind personality.

They're made right here in the U.S.A. from a buttery soft signature fabric that's custom printed through an eco-friendly waterless process. With the numerous stylish prints that Urban Halo has to offer, pick the one that you love and even wear it to your Valentine’s Day dinner date.

Among the selections: Red Velvet, Neon Dreams, Random Happiness, G I Jane, Bubble Gum, Love, Zumba Love. ($15-$20)