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Celebrate valentine's day in style


Century Novelty Valentine Ducks


Valentine's day is not only about loving your mate, but it is a great day for a parent to show their child how much you love and appreciate them. Babies and toddlers are too young to really comprehend  the meaning of love and celebrating a special day, but why not make the day fun and memorable. Creating arts and crafts with your child is a wonderful expression of love as well as cooking something yummy in the kitchen. Or if you just want to buy a present for your child, here are a few baby and toddler gear ideas they will love.

Valentine's Day Rubber Ducks is a superb gift for bath time fun. These ducks are cute and squeezeable and will have you child splashing for joy.

Baby Bjorn potty chair

If you are a parent of a toddler or preschooler that is getting potty trained, Baby Bjorn's  chic potty chair would make a perfect gift. The chaircomes in vibrant colors such as red, pink, blue and green and will hopefully have your child enthusiastic about using the potty. The potty chair is made of durable PVC free recyclable plastic and is extremely lightweight.

A new placemat is a creative and entertaining gift for any child. 3Sprouts created fun placemats for meal time. The placemats come in whale, elephant and frog animals and are phthalate free, lead free, and biodegradable.


Skip Hop Playspot

Make valentine's day even sweeter for your baby and purchase Skip Hop Playspot. The play mat has interlocking foam tiles that will cushion any fall or bump your baby may have. The 20 tile play mat can be configured with less tiles if you desire and is perfect for tummy time, in the play room or just laying around and reading.

For more info: Contact Joy with any baby and toddler gear updates, recalls or news.


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