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Celebrate the person you are and the person you're becoming!

Saturday, August 23, 2014: During the past month... the sky's mandate was to shine, play, have fun, express the fullness of your individuality and gain self-confidence. But today a new mandate begins, and your attention shifts from embracing all that you are and your own special creative individuality... to actualizing... giving form and function... to your potential. Now, with your self-confidence renewed, the time has come to dedicate yourself to that potential... work it and make it real.

It's that time each year when you feel the urge to draw back a bit, analyze where you are, become more focused, review your goals, dive into the details, let go of the glory days and get down to business.

But before the party is actually over, today offers a last hurrah. Hearts, minds and spirits are high, as is your sense of joy and confidence in your future. So much so... that even the smallest bit of good fortune will seem reason enough to celebrate. Take total advantage of the essence of goodness that surrounds you today by fully engaging with the love that overflows from your heart. Do something nice for someone... some random act of kindness, then celebrate the person you are and the person you're becoming!

Today's Quote

People of our time are losing the power of celebration. Instead of celebrating we seek to be amused or entertained. Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation. To be entertained is a passive state--it is to receive pleasure afforded by an amusing act or a spectacle.... Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions. ~ "The Wisdom of Heschel” by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Please note: The sky speaks to you if you will let it. Every day it delivers a message that each person hears in a uniquely different way. Each day's Astro-inspiration includes a quote meant to speak to your heart and drive you toward being all you can be. These little snippets of wisdom are meant to shoot to your soul... like an arrow loaded with positive energy they are aimed to strike your heart and drive the sky's daily message home.

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