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Celebrate the choice made and contemplate the promise of what's to come

The promise of what's to come
The promise of what's to come

Wednesday, April 30, 2014: Minds are open. Optimism abounds. Moods are warm, friendly and loving. So... Use your social and networking skills to your advantage today.

You've reached a major turning point in your life and are committing to something big. You've changed, decisions have been made... You've chosen your path forward. Allow yourself to celebrate the choice made and think about what's just over the horizon.

The Moon in Taurus is void today from 11:54 am - 4:56 pm EDT. When the Moon is void it's always wise to avoid making important decisions, as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles. Just go with what's already in the works this afternoon as you contemplate the promise of what's to come.

Your eyes have been opened to a whole new world and you are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you. Listen to your instincts and follow your gut. If it feels like a good idea, it probably is.

Today's Quote

Summing up, it is clear the future holds great opportunities. It also holds pitfalls. The trick will be to avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities, and get back home by six o'clock. ~ Woody Allen, "My Speech to the Graduates," Side Effects, 1980

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