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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the classic 'Leprechaun in the Hood'

Back around the turn of the century everyone thought that Y2K would be a mess of biblical proportions. Little did they know that the real disaster of 2000 would arrive on March 28.
That’s when Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood was released.
I should have known this movie would be awful. It shares the same tagline as my in-laws when they visit--“Evil’s in the house”.
If you thought Law and Order: SVU was the crowning achievement of Ice-T’s acting career, just wait.
Mack Daddy, portrayed by the great Shakespearean actor Ice-T in his pimped out 70’s best and his throw-away henchman break into a building in Compton and steal the Leprechaun’s (poor Warwick Davis, again) gold and a magic flute which controls the will of others. After his homie is stabbed in the throat with his own afro pick, Mack Daddy accidentally discovers that putting the Leprechaun’s magic necklace over him turns the evil imp to stone.
The movie flashes forward to 2000, when a well-meaning trio of inner city youths are trying to win a record contract in a hip hop contest. Bad luck hounds them, sabotaging their chances. After they are denied help by the now gangsta music mogul Mack Daddy, the boys break into his home, steal his ill-gotten gold and the flute, and unwittingly unleash the fury of the the hood.
Prepare (or beware) for a 90 minute push filled with tons of magically induced gut explosions, horrible rhymes, cross-dressing, Leprechaun pot smoking, and some of the worst rap performances ever.
(All though, to be fair, the end credit one with Lep and his zombie fly girls was the highlight of the movie, and still better than any gratuitous cartoon character rap scene one might routinely encounter in any kid’s movie.)
To try and make it through this stinker, I suggest playing the “Leprechaun in the Hood Drinking Game”. Get yourself a quality beer, like Left Hand’s Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout, and take a drink every time either someone says the “MF” word or the Leprechaun fires one up.
(You will need at least a case, per person.)
Although I would still rate the previous entry in the Leprechaun series, 1997’s Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space as the pinnacle of the run, this movie still did spawn one more sequel to a sequel--Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood.
For your cinematic elucidation, the trailer is embedded in the video player below.
Locally, you can rent this and other fine Leprechaun movies at Showtime Video at 1745 Main Street in Longmont or the Video Station in Boulder.

The Leprechaun and his zombie fly girls get jiggy with it.  Proof that karaoke is evil.
The Leprechaun and his zombie fly girls get jiggy with it. Proof that karaoke is evil.
Leprechaun 5/Trimark Pictures
The Leprechaun and his zombie fly girls get jiggy with it.  Proof that karaoke is evil.


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