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Celebrate Spring with new home decor

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate with new home decor.
Spring is the perfect time to celebrate with new home decor.
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While many of us look forward to celebrating Spring for the green beer of St. Patrick's Day, the feasts of Easter or the frivolity of April Fool's Day, many look forward to updating their home decor. Just as the seasons change, so do the colors and trends of decor. Eli Mechlovitz, owner of and home improvement expert shares some of his tips for sprucing up your home this Spring. Create a fresh and unique atmosphere in your home with Eli's simple tips*

Pop of Color! Nothing says fresh like a burst of color and this year’s hues will not disappoint. What’s on the wheel? Gorgeous orchid, sky blue (think Lupita Nyong’o’s dreamy Oscar’s dress), spicy peach, mint green and bold, turquoise blue. Add any one of these lovely colors with a coat of fresh paint, a dazzling flower display or sumptuous bedroom linens; the sky blue is the limit!

Mid-Century Simplicity. Spring is the perfect time to lighten up and saying goodbye to heavy accessories and home accents are no exception. From the airy feel of an acrylic chair to the clean lines of a contemporary vase, this decorating throw back is the wave of the future! Have traditional tastes? No problem! Just a few accents can really make a difference. Combing thrift stores and antique shops is a fun way to add this trend on a budget.

Statement Light Fixtures. If you’re ready to change the entire look of your room but don’t know where to begin, start with the focal point. More often than not it’s the light fixture that sets the tone for the entire space and this year, they are on trend. Just let your taste and budget guide you; cool lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and since they are this year’s décor-style front runner; many styles abound!

Bold, Graphic Patterns. Easy does it is the key to nailing this daring trend! Whether it’s a new accent rug or a few smartly arranged throw pillows; geometric patterns, animal prints and busy florals are the key to adding visual interest to any tired living space.

Metallics. Bold bronze, shimmering silver and glistening gold; these are the accents that will completely transform a room form drab to glam! An ornate mirror will add drama to any space, but it’s especially beautiful in the dining room. Add glistening candles to enhance the mood and remember, it’s ok to mix metals; just like you would your jewelry.

*Tips provided by Eli Mechlovitz, home improvement/design expert and owner of, offering beautiful bathroom wall tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, and swimming pool tiling options to help you put your design ideas into practice. As a direct manufacturer, skips the middleman and passes the savings on to you, with industry-leading prices on all super high-quality glass tiles, with no minimum order size.

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