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Celebrate Spring Break at the Pikes Peak Library in Colorado Springs

Springs break is almost here and you probably need some creative ideas to keep your children occupied. The library is probably the last place you would think to find something to do, but there is more at the library than great books! The Pikes Peak Library in Colorado Springs is celebrating Spring Break with your children. They have an abundance of activities from March 22 – 31, 2010.

Musical entertainment will be presented by the award-winning Katherine Bines, a children’s song writer, as well as Dave Elder, the horn guy, who plays the trombone as well as tuned bulb horns! If you’re more in the mood for comedy or theater, you’ll find this at the library as well. Beth Epley entertaining children with “Through an Open Window” and Jesse Wilson is presenting “The Night the Moon Ate My Room.”

If your children need more hands-on entertainment, they might enjoy some crafts. Denise Gard is bringing her sock puppet, Mitzy, to help children 8 and older make their own Dr. Seuss sock puppet. Tweens can make candy sushi, and win a prize in the chopstick popcorn eating contest. If you have a child in the 3rd grade, they’re in luck! There is a special poster contest just for 3rd graders, and they may even end up on PPLD TV.

By now you must be wonder where all the details are about these great events. Since the dates, times and registration details are so numerous, you can go the Pikes Peak Library’s online flyer and find all the information. You’ll discover there is even more than is mentioned here, including a Read it Before You See it event, so check it all out and enjoy Spring Break!


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