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Celebrate Speakeasy's 17th Anniversary

17th Anniversary
17th Anniversary

San Francisco's Speakeasy brewery is turning 17 this Saturday. After that many years of throwing birthday bashes you'd think they would have learned not to invite the whole city over for a day of drinking. Luckily for us, they haven't.

Like any good party, this year's anniversary will feature vendors, food, live music, and of course, beer. But this isn't any old party. Speakeasy is pulling out all the stops to make sure their 17th is a year to remember.

The Beer

No surprises - Speakeasy will be rolling out all the kegs and specialty beers. Buying a ticket guarantees you unlimited beer throughout the party, and expect to taste some great ones. They'll have 20 different styles available, including one offs, cellared beers, and even a vertical tasting. Specifically, I'm looking forward to the re-release of the Blind Tiger Imperial IPA, and the new releases of Syndicate 2 and the Harvey Milk Stout (timed perfectly well with Pride around this weekend).

Also, if you manage to score a VIP ticket (sold out online), you'll get to try a vertical tasting between the original Syndicate (more of a vintage barleywine blend), and this year's Syndicate (more of a stout blend).

The Food

The food trucks present last year were good enough for the drunchies, but the food available this year will be a step above. All the food vendors will be creating specific Speakeasy beer-infused food for your eating pleasure. Expect to see Rosamunde Sausage Grill, Wes Burger (!!), Memphis Minnie's BBQ, and Front Porch. Also expect to see me trying to eating food from all of these places and taking a nap somewhere in the brewery.

The Music

Speakeasy will have live music playing throughout the day. While the focus will be on hard rock (who expects anything else from these guys?) there will be some bluegrass thrown in as well.

What Else

Get your tickets now as prices go up from $40 to $50 if you buy them at the door. Oh, and bring some money to buy Blind Tiger in bottles (!) as this will be your first chance to do so. Ever.


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