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Celebrate sexy spring!

Immerse in sensuality!
Immerse in sensuality!

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Singles emerge from hibernation eager to connect in the spring. Couples cuddle and canoodle with bare skin and sweaty bods.

Springtime invites a sensual celebration. According to one of my favorite experts on love and lust – Helen Fisher, Ph.D., (anthropologist and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love):

“All of the senses are dramatically affected by the coming of spring — the warmth of the sun on your skin, the vivid colors and pungent scents, the sounds of the birds. You’re being bombarded by pleasant, exciting, novel stimuli, and novelty stimulates the neurotransmitter dopamine, which in turn triggers testosterone production. Testosterone is associated with the sex drive in both women and men.”

And, that’s not all!

  • Springtime invites us to become more physically active. Ahh, sweat – good for the body and good for the soul. Deep breathing – that energy catalyst. Relaxation after a good workout. That feeling of being ‘in’ our bodies. And let’s not forget that often illusive ‘body acceptance’ – the results of our healthier spring regimen – eating less and exercising more.
  • Sunshine ‘nature’s healer’ is available for the indulging. “Light affects the pineal gland, which regulates melatonin,” explains Dr. Fisher. “In winter the pineal gland is more active, creating more melatonin, which can make people sluggish and groggy. In spring, melatonin production is reduced, enabling people to feel a literal lightness of being. More light makes you more energetic and optimistic.”
  • It’s shedding time! As soon as temperatures start to climb, we start shedding clothing and showing skin. “We say it’s more comfortable and it is, but it’s also display behavior — the peacock quivering his tail,” says Dr. Fisher.

Are you ready to ‘spring into action’?

Spring is the perfect time to ‘lighten your load.’ Clean out the garage, your closet, your car. Cleaning out literally and figuratively makes room for the new. Getting rid of what no longer serves you is a metaphorical invitation to all that does support and delight.

Recovering from – or still engaged in – a relationship that is not in alignment with your greater good? Harness the energy of springtime to assist in your energetic clean out. Clean and clear…clean and clear…clean and clear.

The nature of spring is ‘openness’ so accept that neighborhood invite, seek out that book club or hiking group. Enjoy your lunch in the park, make new friends, have a park pot luck.

Mother Earth is the great provider of the most potent, healthy, available aphrodisiac – nature. So get out and immerse in it – sit in it, touch it, breathe it in – with your lover (*hmm…thoughts of lovemaking in nature come to mind), or with yourself (hmm…thoughts of self-loving in nature come to mind). Walk barefoot and enjoy those sensations of grass, sand, wet and warmth. Find some mud and squish it between your toes. Find a stream and soak your feet in the cool water – or your entire body! Ahh, sensuality!

Daylight is sexy, sunshine is sexy, skin is sexy, sweat is sexy. And, nature is an aphrodisiac.

Celebrate yourself – YOU SEXY BEING!

*I’m an advocate of sensual and sexual experiences in nature – appropriately, privately, safely, legally.

Pam Babbitt is a Sex and Relationship Coach, offering in-person sessions in the Boulder/Denver area and also by phone nationwide. Please visit her at Pam's Sex and Relationship Coaching.

Her newest eBook - How To Please a Woman - Dating Tips, Love Tips, Sex Tips, is available for FREE download. Pam's FREE eBook.

"Pam, you hit it on the nose with this one. Oops - I mean in the heart. And other places as well! Great advice. I especially loved the phrase "marinating in anticipation" and your re-drawing of Grey's Anatomy of the female body!"
Diana Daffner, Intimacy Retreats


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