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Celebrate pet related holidays and awareness weeks in June

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month.
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month.
Photo by kaibara87 CC BY

The month of June not only brings sunshine and summertime but it also raises awareness for shelter cats and celebrates our animal companions- living and dead.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month from the ASPCA and Adopt a Cat Month from the American Humane Association. It is intended to raise awareness about the joy of rescuing a cat from a shelter. There are so many loving, affectionate cats in shelters right now just waiting to find a forever home. The ages range from kitten to senior and the breeds are plenty. It’s hard not to find the perfect feline friend in one of the many shelters out there. Giving a senior cat a second chance or bringing home a kitten that was separated from its mother in the wild is an amazing feeling.

Another great reason to adopt a cat from a shelter is that the cats are in most cases vet checked, fixed and rehabilitated. Pet owners can be sure that they are doing a good service to their community when they bring home a shelter pet of any kind. Some shelters even offer coupons for pet supplies or six months of free pet insurance.

When it comes to adopting pet owners should do their research and never adopt on a whim. June is also National Pet Preparedness Month and reminds us not only to prepare for the basic care of our animals but also to prepare for natural disasters. Do you have a plan for your fur-ball family in case of a hurricane, tornado or flood? How about an escape route in case of fire?

The second week of June is Pet Appreciation Week. On June 4th give your cat some more love by celebrating Hug Your Cat Day.

June 10th is World Pet Memorial Day. This is a day to remember the pets who have passed on. Days like this are important. Losing a pet is the hardest part about owning a pet. It is important to mourn once and remember always. Pay tribute to deceased pets by making a donation to a shelter in the pets’ name, post a photo of the pet in remembrance or light a candle in its honor.

On the lighter side June 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Not a lot of employers will be on board for this but some people in the pet industry will likely have their pooch by their side at work that day. Not able to bring your dog to work that day? Try giving your dog a job when you get home. If it’s a herding dog encourage it to corral your kids for you. Let drafting dogs pull a cart or go outside and play some good old fashioned fetch with your furry family member.

Dogs love having a purpose and this holiday reminds us of that. So give your pet a purpose this June and honor your animal family the same way you honor your two-legged family.

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