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Celebrate "No Sock Day" and organize your flip flops


Use a shoe cubbie to store multiple pairs of flip flops.

Today is No Sock Day! Celebrate your feet. We all have feet of different shapes and sizes and I am certainly not one to brag about the beauty of feet. My feet should be banned from this holiday! But summer is just weeks away and regardless of the condition or size of your feet today is the day to take of your socks and wiggle your toes! When we think of celebrating our feet, most of think of FLIP FLOPS! Who doesn’t love a great pair of flip flops? Whether it’s the $1 pair from the Dollar Tree or the pricier pairs that massage your feet as you walk – flip flops are wonderful. And it’s easy to accumulate flip flops. You might start out with 2 pairs and before you know it you have over a dozen! Your feet are happy but you now it’s time to get those flip flops organized.

Consider this when storing flip flops – flip flops are not like your precious heels or boots. Flip flops can be stored on their side to maximize space. If you have a shoe cubie of some kind you can likely fit multiple flip flops in each slot to save space.

Flip Flop & Sandal Holder from
The Container Store

For the avid flip flop collector I’d suggest the Flip Flop Holder from The Container Store. I first saw this in the store over a year ago and was impressed. It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ product ideas! It’s a simple grosgrain ribbon with special hooks designed for 6 pairs of flip flops. Depending on the exact spacing and durability of the hooks this might not work well if your flip flops are heavy or you have big feet. I think this would be ideal for organizing a child’s flip flops!

Enjoy those flip flops. Summer is almost here and we need to enjoy them because winter will be here before we know it! Your feet will thank you!

For more info: 
There is currently not a Container Store location in Baltimore, MD.  The nearest locations are Washington D.C., or Silver Springs, MD.  And of course you can always buy their great products online!.  For more organizationals product stores visit Best Stores to Buy Organizing Products in Baltimore.
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