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Celebrate National Waffle Day, Sunday August 24, at the Wafflette Cafe

Delicious Belgian Waffles are a treat in Europe
Delicious Belgian Waffles are a treat in Europe
Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images

Sunday, August 24, we celebrate one of the most versatile of foods. Waffles are not just for breakfast anymore, as proven by the wide varieties of use that they have. On Sunday, National Waffle Day celebrates the waffle in all its forms. These days, such treats as chicken and waffles, waffle sandwiches, waffle cones and Belgian waffles all join the basic waffle. Indeed, the waffle has quite a history, dating back much further than the invention of 'toaster waffles'.

The 1300's are when the term waffle first came in use, as the characteristic honeycomb design on two iron plates was developed in Europe. Dutch 'wafles' came to America with the Pilgrims, giving this tasty item a firm start in America. No less a personage than Thomas Jefferson contributed to the history of the waffle, bringing back a waffle iron from France in 1789 and serving them with either sweet or savory toppings. Generous as he was, Jefferson gave his slaves waffles too, which they turned into the Southern favorite, chicken and waffles.

In 1869, Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York patented the first waffle iron in the United States. The anniversary of that patent is now National Waffle Day. In 1911, General Electric introduced the first electric waffle iron. Since then, virtually every family in the country was able to make waffles at home for breakfast. The 1964 New York World's Fair introduced Brussels Waffles, whose name was later changed to Belgian Waffles. Since then, waffles have become popular in savory as well as sweet presentations.

In honor of National Waffle Day, the Wafflette Cafe in Foothill Ranch is celebrating with several specials for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday, they are offering a buy one, get one free special on all of their waffle sandwiches. Such items as the Pulled Pork Waffle Sandwich and the Prosciutto Cheese Waffle Sandwich will be featured. Other choices include a Smoked Salmon Waffle Sandwich and a Turkey Club Waffle Sandwich.

In addition to the waffle sandwiches, Wafflette Cafe has morning platters with waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit and many more choices. After your meal, they also have dessert waffles, topped with 100% real maple syrup, custard cream berries, Nutella or peanut butter. There is even a Chocolate Sundae on a waffle for those that crave ice cream. The Wafflette Cafe is also introducing their new Shaved Snow, a frozen soy-based treat. In conjunction with National Waffle Day, they are offering each guest a free 8 oz. Shaved Snow sample with one topping.

Wafflette Cafe also offers coffee and espresso drinks by Los Angeles based Groundworks Coffee

Waffles have taken their place on the tables of America and Europe, earning them a place not only for breakfast but for dinner and lunch too. As we celebrate National Waffle Day, remember that that humble waffle was championed by one of the most famous American statesman of all, Thomas Jefferson. The next time you see a two-dollar bill with Jefferson's picture on on our national currency, remember that it is time to go and enjoy a waffle.

National Waffle Day is Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wafflette Café is located in Foothill Ranch’s Towne Centre

26612 Towne Centre Drive, Suite C

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

PH: (949) 305-3600

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