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Celebrate National Tartan Day with Barbour Tartan

Barbour Birch Trench
Barbour Birch Trench

If you're of Scottish descent then you know what today is. If not, today, April 6, is National Tartan Day the day commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 which asserted Scotland's sovereignty over English territorial claims, and which was an influence on the American Declaration of Independence. (Source: National Tartan Day) National Tartan Day has been official recognized by the US as a permanent holiday since 1998 and is a celebration of Scottish heritage.

Barbour tartan

Aside from kilts and bagpipes, tartan is one of the most widely recognized symbols of Scottish culture. Contrary to belief tartan wasn't just to distinguish clans but also for organizations, clubs, geographical areas and even people. But did you know that at one point it was illegal to wear tartan in Scotland? It wasn't until 1782 with the repeal of the Act of Proscription of the Highland Garb (which made the wearing of 'Highland' clothing like kilts and tartan illegal) that Scotsmen where able to legally wear tartan again. And then a little over hundred and twenty years later that the tartan became an integral part of fashion with the creation of the wax cotton jacket lined with tartan created by a native Scotsman John Barbour.

From its inception, the tartan that was used for lining the jackets was of several patterns until 1990. In 1990 the Barbour company did research to trace back their family history and create a unique tartan for the Barbour clan. Eventually a tartan was created that represented its history that traced back to 13th century Scotland. The distinct Barbour pattern we know and love is one that has a brown and navy background and contrasting white, gold and red over check lines.

For Spring/Summer 2014 Barbour has created a new Dress Tartan pattern that incorporates their classic look into a lighter version of their modern tartan for men and a muted version for women. As part of the Barbour Spring/Summer 2014 collection men will find elegant pieces that can easily be coordinated and worn on just about any occasion. From the Barbour Nixon Jacket for cold spring days to the Barbour Tartan Lomond Shorts, men can experience the Barbour tartan either boldly or in minimal details.

For the women, the Barbour Spring/Summer 2014 collection is all about soft lines and muted colors that portray the ultimate feminine look. Whether its fighting the rainy days that are synonymous with spring in a Barbour Birch Trench Coat, carrying all your essentials in a Barbour Summer Dress Tartan Tote or rocking a Barbour Summer Dress Tartan Fedora to keep you protected, the women's collection is one that can easily become a favorite look for this season.

To learn more about Barbour and the their Tartan history just click here. To view the men's and women's collections for Spring/Summer 2014 and where to purchase visit

For a complete slideshow click here.

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