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Celebrate National Running Day 2014

Celebrate National Running Day 2014
Celebrate National Running Day 2014
Photo by Kent Horner

This year, National Running Day is June 4, 2014. Whether you're a veteran runner who hits the pavement every day or a new runner who's always wanted to take up the sport, National Running Day is a perfect day to lace up your shoes and find a place to run. First celebrated in 2009, National Running Day has grown in popularity through the spread of social media, as well as through word-of-mouth.

For Veteran Runners

Do you have a set schedule of running appointments that you hit each week? Do you have routes, races, and schedules that guide your every run? Are you getting tired of the routine? Running shouldn't feel like a job and should be a fun part of your weekly activities.

For National Running Day, try heading outdoors to an unknown trail or a new route. Leave your heart-rate monitor at home, take off your running watch, and head out to enjoy the day with no particular destination in mind. Watch a freestyle run reinvigorate your love for running!

For Beginning Runners

Have you ever wondered if you could run a mile? National Running Day is the perfect time to find out if you've got the drive and ambition to run. Don't worry, you don't need to be as fast as Usain Bolt or Flo-Jo to enjoy running. Even if your first run is little more than a brisk walk, you can enjoy National Running Day!

Beating Back Bad Weather

Is it too windy where you live? Are pollen counts scaring you into staying inside? There's nothing that says you can't hit the treadmill for National Running Day. Just make sure you increase the incline on your treadmill to at least 1% so as to approximate the feel of running outside on the pavement.

Use National Running Day as Inspiration

If you're busy today and your schedule simply won't allow you to lace up a pair of shoes and get out for a run, consider National Running Day as the beginning of running hobby. Create an ambitious goal for yourself that you'll try to meet before the next National Running Day.

Perhaps you'd like to finish the Los Angeles Marathon in 2015. Maybe you'd like to enter your first 5K race. Perhaps running might help you get fit and lose weight this year. Whatever your goals might be, make an appointment for some time on the track (or pavement or trails!) to get your run on!

Want to Find out More?

Visit the Official National Running Day Facebook page to find out more about how people around Los Angeles and around the country are enjoying a day devoted to the sublime and refreshing sport of running.

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