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Celebrate National Rum Day with Sailor Jerry Rum and win brunch for 10

Sailor Jerry Rum kicks off National Rum Day a couple days early at Mother's Ruin in Nolita
Sailor Jerry Rum kicks off National Rum Day a couple days early at Mother's Ruin in Nolita
Linda Covello

Mahatma Gandhi famously said "chew your drink and drink your food." The wise leader of Indian nationalism meant to encourage taking one's time to masticate while eating, in order to allow the digestive process, which begins in the mouth with saliva, to function properly, thereby receiving the full nutritional benefits of the food, while also preventing obesity and assorted gastrointestinal ailments. Sailor Jerry Rum is going one better than Gandhi this National Rum Day, August 16, by asking people to enjoy their libation and chow simultaneously.

Sailor Jerry Bacon recipe
Courtesy Sailor Jerry Rum

Sailor Jerry Rum is celebrating National Rum Day, which drops this Saturday, and this year's drink of choice, The Sailor Jerry Bloody Mary - or the Bloody Jerry as the folks at Sailor Jerry like to call it, with a #SCREWTHECELERY Bloody Jerry Brunch giveaway. Sailor Jerry Rum believes the bold, spicy combo of the traditional Bloody Mary is worthy of an equally outrageous garnish, hence the hashtag. The iconic rum purveyor is asking people to come up with their own crazy accompaniment, though not too loco, to go with their Bloody Mary/Jerry. Shrimp, cheese, bacon - the possibilities are endless. Think outside the box and show off your best garnish. Post the photo on your social channel of choice tagged #screwthecelery and you can win a bloody good brunch on Sailor Jerry.

Follow these steps to enter the contest: 1. Come up with the craziest garnish you can think of for your Bloody Mary, make it, and snap a photo. 2. Post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with @SailorJerry and #screwthecelery. 3. Win brunch for you and 9 of your friends complete with Sailor Jerry bar plus all your crazy fixings. Full contest info is available at Sailor Jerry's website or at

Sailor Jerry kicked off the contest last night at Nolita's Mother's Ruin, which will be celebrating National Rum Day with a $15 brunch, and Bloody Jerrys by their resident mixologost. The sideboard at Mother's Ruin was piled high with creative condiments like pickled cauliflower, parsnips and okra, mini pizza, pork sliders with Thai peanut sauce, cheese balls, waffle fries, and, best of all, Sailor Jerry's own rum bacon. Guests went all out with their garnish sculptures, a few of which can be viewed in the accompanying slideshow. If, however, you are one of those souls who prefer their Sailor Jerry straight, as this writer does, here is a little summer insight: take your flask of Sailor Jerry Rum to the beach, let the bottle hang out in your beach bag for an hour or two, and then enjoy a few swigs warmed by the summer sun. The gorgeous spices and vanilla flavors are stoked to a warm and deeply fragrant quaff that is beyond description. You just gotta try it for yourself. Happy National Rum Day, with Sailor Jerry.

Mother's Ruin

18 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012

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