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Celebrate National Marriage Day June 9

June 9 is National Marriage Day
June 9 is National Marriage Day
Ali Haider (Stockvault)

Today, June 9, is National Marriage Day. It is a time to celebrate and give recognition to that special union.

I think it’s very important to set aside time where focus is put on a marriage. We set aside a time every year to honor fathers and mothers. But this is a great opportunity to honor the sanctity of marriage.

In a time when Milwaukee marriages are struggling, this is a reminder that many marriages do make it through. This is a reminder that some marriages come out of situations that seemed impossible to work through, yet remained standing.

This is a reminder that no marriage is perfect and no one person can fulfill your every need. But there are good marriages and there is fulfillment to be had.

This is a reminder that there are health benefits to staying married. There are benefits to children who have parents with good marriages. Marriage is to be celebrated, not torn down.

The media and society at large may look down on marriages but they are a representation of something that can work when effort, dedication, time and love is put into it.

Celebrate National Marriage Day in a special way today. Do something extra special for your spouse. Go out on a long overdue date. Send them a message that you are thinking about them.

Cherish your marriage and give honor to it. Where there is work to be done, commit to do it. Where you are strong, determine to fortify it.


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