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Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day with a Freebie

Is the frozen yogurt section of most grocery stores virtually taken over the ice cream aisle?

Menchie’s frozen yogurt  offers fresh and unique toppings
Menchie’s frozen yogurt offers fresh and unique toppings

What: You’re invited to experience National Frozen Yogurt Day at Menchie’s. FREE froyo, yep Menchie’s is giving yogurt-lovers six free ounces of their custom combination.

According to Wikipedia, “Yogurt is a fermented milk product (soy milk, nut milks such as almond milk, and coconut milk can also be used) produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.” You should know flavors include:

  • nonfat
  • low carb
  • gluten-free
  • no sugar added
  • vegan
  • dairy free sorbets
  • kosher

Go create the perfect dessert with premium rotating flavors and more than 70 mouthwatering toppings at Menchie’s.

Who: Open to general public whereas, guests are invited to bring in the coupon available on the brand’s Facebook page here.

When: Thursday February 6, 2014 all day during local store hours.

Where: With five locations around Baltimore, fro-yo fans can find the closest location here.

FYI: Menchie’s offers free toys to kid customers. Stay in the know by clicking the ✓subscribe button above this article for updates on the latest trends for well-rounded lifestyle.