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Celebrate National Empanada Day with a variety of empanadas

April 8 is National Empanada Day
April 8 is National Empanada Day

April 8 is National Empanada Day. So get ready to celebrate with this delicious Spanish and Portuguese type of stuffed bread.

In case you are not familiar with this food, empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries. The name means to wrap or coat in bread. The bread is usually made of wheat flour and beef drippings with different fillings depending on your individual taste.

Empanadas are made by folding dough or bread around a stuffing made of a variety of meats such as chicken, cod, ham, fish, or pork loin. Other ingredients include tomatoes, garlic, spinach, onion sauce, cheese, vegetables or fruits. Empanadas are sometimes spiced with peppers.

A fruit filling is used to create a dessert empanada. They can be served hot or cold as the main course or as a side dish.

Empanadas were first served in the U.S. at Taco Bell; however, they are now found on menus at Latin American restaurants around the world. Empanadas are served at celebrations.

To celebrate National Empanada Day, try making your own empanadas for dinner to serve to your family.

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