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Celebrate National Dog Day 2014 with Two Bostons

Celebrate your dog today on National Dog Day!
Celebrate your dog today on National Dog Day!
Two Bostons

Today is National Dog Day 2014! What are you going to do to celebrate that fun-loving, tail-wagging, energy-filled, four-legged creature you call your best friend?

Well for DuPage County Illinois residents, one thing you can do is to stop by one of the Two Bostons Pet Boutiques and get a FREE standard 6” Bully Stick today only! This special offer is for all dog lovers that are also Two Bostons lovers and texting buddies to boot.

Once you register with them by texting the code “Bostons” to 36000 then all you have to do is stop in, show the good people behind the register the text you received from the text club and you will receive a FREE standard 6” Bully Stick for the critter you know and love! Remember though, that it is today only on National Dog Day (also called International Dog Day and National Dog Appreciation Day).

August 26th is set aside each year in order to stir up the need for the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. It can also be used as a method of acknowledging family dogs and working dogs that help so many people in so many ways and keep them safe and bring them comfort.

Dogs are very special animals indeed! Not only to they show their pet family members unconditional love and support, but the working dogs of the world do a variety of jobs. Some of those jobs are dangerous, like working with the military to sniff out explosive devices; the police on search-and-rescue missions; fire departments to help rescue people from fires. Then there are the dogs that are concerned about our wellness like those that sniff out cancer, diabetes, and seizures; blind and deaf companion dogs; dogs that are companions to the depressed or disabled.

Dogs, dogs, dogs of every size, shape, breed and age doing what they do best – care for their human companions. Sometimes there are dogs that have a lot to offer, but they do not get the opportunity because they are in shelters and rescue organizations because they have been orphaned. This day is a great day to set aside for the dogs in our lives and for those in need of a family of their very own.

So whether you have one or many dogs or are thinking about getting a dog, today would be a great way to pay back all of the great dogs in this world and take the plunge and get a dog to love and respect like so many other people do.

Happy National Dog Day – don’t forget to thank your pet for all they do for you. Then stop into Two Bostons and pick them up a treat you know they will love!

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