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Celebrate National Candy Corn Day


October 30th is National Candy Corn Day and the perfect time of year to enjoy a favorite high carb but fat free Halloween icon treat.
George Renninger invented candy corn in the 1880’s and the Wunderle Candy Company was the first to manufacture mass quantities around the turn of the century. Today candy manufacturing companies sell over twenty million pounds of candy corn around Halloween time.
Grab a bag of candy corn or caramel apple flavored candy corn and celebrate National Candy Corn Day on October 30th.

My two favorite ways to celebrate Candy Corn Day:

Candy Corn Bark Recipe- This over indulgent cure for any sweet tooth is made with candy corns, chocolate sandwich cookies and pretzels.

Candy Corn Drink

1 part Licor 43 liqueur

1 part Orange Curacao liqueur

1 part cream

-Layer each part carefully on top of each other, this will look like the Halloween candy corn. Add Licor 43, then Orange Curacao and lastly the cream.