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Celebrate Mother Goose Day May 1st

Mother Goose Day Is May 1st
Mother Goose Day Is May 1st
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Did you know that, in addition to being May Day, May 1st is also Mother Goose Day?

Mother Goose is a household name. Many of us grew up reciting her nursery rhymes and reading the books. As parents, we shared our childhood memories with our children, endlessly singing Jack And Jill.

There are several ways that you can celebrate Mother Goose Day with your child. Start by visiting your local library. Your public library offers tons of books on Mother Goose, and best of all, it is free. Spend the day reliving your childhood and sharing the memories with your child.

Are crafts more your thing? Make a collage out of feathers, or draw pictures of your favorite nursery rhymes. For older children, purchase some modeling clay from your local craft store and make  a "claymation" version of some of your favorite Mother Goose Rhymes.

Visit Mother for printables, fun nursery rhyme inspired recipes, and even some fun gardening ideas. You can also find some of your favorite nursery rhymes right here.

Don't forget to share these classic rhymes with your children!

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, marry, have I,
Three bags full;

One for my master,
One for my dame,
But none for the little boy
Who cries in the lane.

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
Upstairs and downstairs, in his nightgown;
Rapping at the window, crying through the lock,
"Are the children in their beds?
Now it's eight o'clock."

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again, jiggety jog.
To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done.

Make sure to visit your local library for more on Mother Goose

Aurora Public Library

Dekalb Public Library

Naperville Public Library


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