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Celebrate 'Minecraft Pocket Edition's' 21 million copies sold with Mojang's Q&A

Minecraft Pocket Edition logo and players.
Minecraft Pocket Edition logo and players.

Adding to the ridiculous popularity Minecraft has generated since its inception is Minecraft Pocket Edition, which has sold more than 21 million copies to date. If the millions of parodies, Let's Play videos, and gameplay footage on YouTube is any indication, it's safe to say it's become a worldwide hit, and this is a milestone worth celebrating. Developer Jens Bergensen tweeted the news today, and in celebration of this milestone will be hosting a live panel from the Mojang office on Monday, April 14.

The Q&A panel will play out much like an "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit, with a dedicated Reddit thread for fans to post their questions so that Mojang staff can choose the best and deliver some answers. There's no official time or location for the live stream as of yet, but Mojang urges fans to keep up to date via their website.

If there's a burning question you've always wanted answered, this could be your chance! Given the fact that Mojang usually takes the opportunity to be candid and open with their adoring fans, you might even be able to unearth some meaty tidbits. We'll update the story with more information as it arises, such as a date for the talk or even some of our favorite Reddit questions -- those are always a goldmine.

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