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Celebrate Memorial Day in Georgetown

Old Glory on M Street-slide0
Photo taken by author

Celebrate Memorial Day with an All-American feast at Old Glory. Located on M Street in Georgetown, Old Glory serves American food, beer, and of course, barbeque.

Old Glory is a good place to meet, socialize and eat the American Way.
Photo taken by author

This examiner went there one Saturday after attending an event. She ordered the barbeque chicken from the “True Q” menu. It is one-half smoked chicken with pineapple bourbon barbeque and served with a “heapin’ helpin’”. Victor, the waiter, recommended French fries on the side. Although fries originated from Belgium, they are an American food staple.

Victor was cordial and talked about the different barbeque sauces at the table. The Savannah is sweet and sour. Kansas City is smoky with a hint of sweetness. Memphis is very smoky. And S.W. Texas is milder than Tabasco sauce but still hot. Memphis goes well with meat—especially with the chicken ordered. The chicken was good and juicy but it goes better with Memphis. It has a real barbecue taste.

The fries were hot and delicious. Replace ketchup with the Kansas City sauce because it is less sweet and has a better taste.

In addition to barbeque, there are sandwiches, hot dogs and entrees that celebrate the spirit of American cuisine.

Have a happy Memorial Day!

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