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Celebrate maple syrup season by visiting a local sugarhouse

Spring is coming and while many of us look to the budding leaves of the maple trees to officially welcome the season, local sugarhouses look to the sap. During the weeks where the days are warm and the nights are still cold, the conditions for "sugaring" are ideal. Now is the time when maple syrup production is underway and sugarhouses all over the northeast are welcoming visitors to take part by hosting open house weekends.

Vermont is holding their 9th annual open house weekend March 26th-28th. Vermont is the nation's largest producer of maple syrup and proudly holds festivals all over the state. You can find information at

For those wanting to keep their syrup celebration more local, sugarhouses all across New York are hosting open houses during the weekends of March 20th-21st and the 27th-28th. New York is the 3rd largest  maple syrup producer and was the first state to host open houses around 15 years ago. Locations are listed at Visitors can see how the syrup is made, sample and purchase products made with syrup, and some farms also offer family activities such as hayrides. What a wonderful way to welcome spring, complete with pancake breakfasts in tree-to-table fashion.


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