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Celebrate Independence day, Peruvian style

Peru is celebrating their 193rd Independence day from Spain. The Peru Club in Sacramento is holding an evening of music, dance and culinary arts to celebrate their roots.

They are one of the Sacramento clubs which encourage the Spanish language and culture in particular that of the south American Country of Peru.

Peru is one of the oldest countries of the world, older than many of Europe's and competing with that of the Asian empires. They were the first to settle in America prior to the other American early civilizations.

Pizarro was the conquistador who in 1538 finally conquered the Incan Empire which stretched from modern day Columbia to Chile, the western half of the South American continent. Their gold was unequaled in Europe and the finds of such places such as Machu Pichu is still being investigated.

Spain began to loose its hold on its colonies with the help of Simon Bolivar, an aristocrat who led the cause of his own people. His movement of independence spread throughout the South American countries, and in 1811 Peru gained its independence from Spain.

Unlike Mexico which still had strong roots to Spain despite its independence and almost take over by France during Napoleon's reign, Peru has always had a unique culture.

The celebration will be held this Saturday July 19, 2014 at 5. 30 P.M. until Midnight.

The Folsom Community Center is where the celebration of Latino Salsa music and Folk dancing along with culinary arts of a combined Spanish and indigenous peoples cuisine.

The actual club is located in El Dorado Hills, close to Sacramento.

The cost of admission is 25 dollars, the phone information is 888-916-9303.

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