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Celebrate Filet Mignon Day On-The-Go with Three Jerks Jerky

Meat lovers and foodies everywhere, rejoice! National Filet Mignon Day (AKA Christmas for Carnivores) is coming up on August 13, and this year, break tradition by celebrating this delicious holiday on-the-go with the newest jerk in town, Three Jerks Jerky, The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky.

Three Jerks Jerky is made from 100% filet mignon and all natural ingredients and spices, producing the most tender and flavorful cut of beef jerky.

The jerky comes in three flavors:

The Original: Salty, sweet and tangy flavors with the perfect dash of black pepper
Memphis BBQ (Gluten-free): A blend of natural spices that are both sweet and spicy
Chipotle Adobo: A fusion of Filipino style marinade covered in a Mexican inspired Chipotle glaze with blends of smoky peppery spices mixed with sweet abodo blends

Our Story

We are friends, occasional jerks and passionate foodies. Above all else, we love beef jerky. Yearning for the highest quality, purest and most delicious jerky, we set out to craft the finest meat snack ever created. We’ve spent countless hours experimenting with various cuts of meat and different flavors in pursuit of this holy grail of a snack. The result is an aristocrat amongst plebeians—filet mignon, dazzling flavors and only real ingredients (no nitrates, nitrites and preservatives) create incomparable beef jerky. To insist that our beef jerky is delectable would be putting it modestly.

Why Filet Mignon?

Lean yet succulent, filet mignon is the finest steak from the most precious part of the cow. Tender and buttery, the filet puts other beef to shame. Simply put, shouldn’t the best cut of meat produce the best piece of beef jerky? We know so.

You're Welcome

We apologize in advance for shocking your senses and rendering all other jerky unpalatable. Our elegant and convenient snack will leave you wanting more…and more…and even a little bit more. To our insatiable fans, the Three Jerks say, “You are welcome!”

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