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Celebrate Einstein's birthday with exclusive kids theater discount

Albert Einstein gave the world the Special Theory of Relativity, the General Theory of Relativity and such quotes as “The monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” (Something to tell your children when they complain of being bored, perhaps?)

Even a math whiz needs advice from a genius
Making Books Sing

And now, for this weekend only and starting on his birthday, March 14 (also Pi Day - coincidence or not?), comes the chance to purchase discount tickets for Making Books Sing' production of DEAR ALBERT EINSTEIN.

Running from May 3 - 18, 2014 at Theater 3 (311 W. 43rd St. at 8th Ave in midtown Manhattan), DEAR ALBERT EINSTEIN tells the story of Susan, a 12-year-old star math student who, when starting junior high in 1954, struggles between the desire to be herself and the pressure to be like all of the other girls in her class. Unfortunately, this isn't a problem limited to 1954. Or junior high-school. Many kids today face issues of peer pressure along with a genuine desire to fit in. Especially those who are frequently warned by the adults in their lives to "not be too smart." Susan's admiration for Einstein, who periodically pops up in her imagination, complicates and eventually helps her along her journey, and might even serve as inspiration for the girls - and boys - in the audience.

Regular price tickets are: $25 General Seating, $45 Premium Seating.

However, using code #EINSTEINBDAY between 10 am on Friday, March 14th, 10am and 10 PM on Sunday, March 16th, brings the price down to $20 General Seating, $35 Premium Seating.

Make sure to tell them the NY Frugal Family Examiner sent you!


Looking for more musical bargains? Check out "The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition" by Dan Elish, the story of another gifted, striving young adult with a dream - to win the Worldwide Dessert Contest!

Unfortunately, his creations have a nasty tenancy to turn into something else right before the judging. They also sometimes explode.

"The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition" features all the text of the original paperback release, plus a brand-new musical theater score to compliment the action. Some of it is even sung by roller-skating apple pies. Can't believe it? See for yourself! Download a FREE sample, here!

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