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Celebrate Earth Day by not killing our planet any further

Healing comes to us from the earth because we are part of it
Healing comes to us from the earth because we are part of it
By NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring (- Blue Marble 2012) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today, people in many places, who consider themselves pro-environment, will celebrate Earth Day by drinking bottled water, driving to lovely parks to jog and supposedly bond with the earth, and then drive home again. Somewhere along the way they will throw out their empty water bottles, erode the soil of the tracks they jog on, and burn fossil fuels in their gigantic SUVs to travel a few blocks that they could have covered as part of their run. Makes lots of sense, right?

On the other end of the spectrum, those who believe that any and all natural healing methods are completely satanic, that modern medicine alone has the right to decide who shall live or die, and for how long and in what condition, will laugh at the green tea drinkers (not to be confused with members of the Tea Party), the tree huggers, and the vegans. All this while they wonder why their health costs are rising. It must be because the poor, the disadvantaged, the have-nots (or as they are known to the one per centers, the welfare bums) are now getting health care coverage. How dare the poor want to be healthy!

Never mind the fact that health care costs are skyrocketing because every hangnail, every paper cut, must be diagnosed by an MRI. Women can give birth in a drive-through for all the well-off care, but don’t let their tennis elbows be treated with anything less than top of the line technology and the most expensive drugs known. What do they think happens when those bills get submitted to the insurers? Does a Health Care Fairy Godmother wave her magic wand and suddenly (POOF!) all the costs go away?

Let’s start acting and thinking more rationally in this country. So the rich don’t want the poor to be treated on their dime. What happens when the rich develop cancer from their years of smoking, and insist on being healed? When they have every type of medicine available to their bank accounts, to their health care insurance, and yet still are sick? The costs will continue as long as treatment continues. Do they want anyone to say “That’s enough hospitalization, you’re being cut off. Tough luck.” Suddenly the realization will kick in that the rich won’t stay rich if they have to spend all their money on their own health care. Someone else will have to pick up the tab for them, just as they were willing to deny coverage to others less fortunate than themselves. That could be called medical karma.

So much for the we-are-all-earth’s-family part. We have a mutual responsibility to look after those who dwell with us in this world if we’re ever going to progress. There are other means as well of not speeding up the planet’s demise, and therefore our own. We can encourage the use of non-pharmaceutical methods of healing. Alternative medicine, or complementary (that which is practiced in a coordinated way along with allopathic treatment) medicine, is not something that is for those belonging to the Flat Earth Society, or gullible and desperate enough to buy snake oil from a shady character in a parking lot. Modalities of treating illnesses and injuries, of enhancing and maintaining good health, have existed since the beginning of the human species (no matter how one believes that occurred). Despite the alleged lack of scientific proof (again, that depends on what you personally believe) there have been centuries of anecdotal evidence showing the results obtained from such treatments. Herbal remedies, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, to name but a few, have all given the world healing with no harm done to the environment. No radiation sickness, no nuclear waste, no birth defects, or mutated animals from pills being dumped into the rivers. Another major advantage: no one goes broke by using the agents of the earth to heal what essentially is part of the earth as well, namely its residents. Humans do tend to forget, we are made of elements that are part of the planet itself. Take away any part of our natural composition, whether mineral, fluid (ie. water) or flesh, and the body’s system is out of balance and therefore diseased. Add to the body what is missing, from the natural ecosystem we belong to, and the body is once again balanced (healed). How hard is this to comprehend?

Turn more toward the natural ways of healing and keeping your body, mind and spirit in harmony with each other and the world around you. Listen to what your body tells you by how you feel. Soon you will find it responds to the rhythms of the earth, the changes in the natural world around you. Once you become attuned to the environment, you’ll realize your health and the earth’s health are interdependent.

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