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Celebrate Each Day to the Fullest

Celebrating Each Day to the Fullest
Viva Editions and Scott Idleman

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -Oprah Winfrey

We often think of celebrations as centering on special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or other holidays. But there is no need to wait for those special days. Everyday is a special day. Every week is cause for celebration. The very fact that you are alive, the wondrous world around you, and the extraordinary people in your life are all reasons to rejoice.

Pianist Arthur Rubinstein once said, “To be alive…it's all a miracle.” Yes indeed, it is all a miracle, including your being here. Just think, for example, there was a one-in-six billion chance your parents would have ever met. There was a one-in-ninety million chance that you should have been the lucky sperm that fertilized your mother’s egg. So, overall you are pretty lucky you are to be alive.

Each day this week, instead of focusing on all the stuff that is not so great in your life, focus on how blessed you are to be here and celebrate. And if you can’t readily come up with anything to celebrate personally (which is pretty unlikely) you can do a computer search and find a special occasion each week of the year. All are great excuses for a celebration.

For example, in April alone there is International Whistlers Week, National Paperboard Packing Week, Fish Fry Week, National Inspirational News Week, and National Scoop the Poop Week, among many others.

What will you celebrate this week?

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