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Celebrate Brooklyn's Bastille Day 2014 Sunday, July 13

Live music even gets the kids attention
Live music even gets the kids attention
CTSY Bastille Week

Bastille day is the traditional French holiday celebrating independence in which the French stormed the notorious prison the Bastille in the very bloody but memorable French Revolution. Today we just celebrate French culture and tradition and there is no better place to enjoy it then on Smith Street in Brooklyn on Sunday July 13 from Noon-6pm.

From Atlantic Avenue to at least Carrol Street 10 blocks away there will be food booths with that tasty Merguez Sausage; live music from French and French influenced bands, and plenty of Petanque on open dirt courts counting no less in number than 10. A lot of the action will be centered around French main stay bar Bar Tabac at 128 Smith street on the corner of Dean St. Its always been a cool little French bistro with live music on certain days but they will have not only live music but they are BBQ, which personally I'm a little suspect on because that isn't something that the French are reknown for but hell I will give it a shot anyway. Tabac will be packed most of the day today like France was playing the World Cup Final which they aren't but they will play the game World Cup Final at 3pm. The other areas with a lot of people eating and enjoying or milling around will be by Provence en Boite at 263 Smith street at Degraw and Cafe Lulac on 214 Smith Street near Baltic Street.

There are other French restaurants in Brooklyn that are having celebrations but no where else will have the pure number of places to frequent and enjoyable people as does Smith Street. I've been going on and off for the last 5 years and its always a pleasant time, its not rowdy, its not jumping, it ain't crunk, certainly not ratchet but it is well balanced fun and like-able. I certainly would also recommend trying some cocktails since it is a celebration. If you have not had it before try Lillet an aperitif, which is mix of Bordeaux grapes whether red or white and some liqueurs made from sweet orange peels. It is always best served chilled and better just before or after you eat. Gotta give those French credit, they know how to make you truly enjoy your meal and drink together.

So there you have it people, food, drinks, drinks, food, good people, and great fun. Enjoy yourselves.