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Celebrate Being Single with a Sexy Valentine’s Day Do

Sally Hershberger's Salon Smooth Fix
Sally Hershberger

Single on Valentines Day? Why not pamper yourself with a sexy, modern 60s inspired updo. Think Bridgette Bardot, the epitome of sexiness whether single or taken. Get not only your hair but also the pressures of Valentines Day off your shoulders and have a carefree evening with this sexy look courtesy of expert stylist, Nicole Pascual of Sally Hershberger Los Angeles.

This style is very versatile. It will work best for medium to longer hair, however, even shoulder grazing lengths will be able to be thrown up into this look.

How to:
1. Spray Sally Hershberger Salon Shape Up volume spray throughout your wet hair. Make sure to coat not only your roots but also the mid shafts and ends.
2. Flip your head upside down so that your hair falls towards the floor and blow dry until it is 90% dry. This will ensure that you seal in as much volume from your roots to the ends.
3. With your head back in an upright position, let your hair naturally part. If you are feeling more adventurous, go with a new parting (opposite side, middle, extreme side) to frame your face from a new perspective.
4. With a medium to large boar bristle round brush, dry and smooth out the ends of your hair, making sure to blow any layers away from you face. The bouncier the better.
4. With a fine tooth comb, section off your hairline from ear to ear.
5. 2-3 inches back from your forehead, take a small horizontal section of hair and gently backcomb the roots. Spray the teased hair with Sally Hershberger Major Body 3 in 1 Volumizing Spray, laying each section directed forward towards your forehead.
Continue to backcomb sections of hair until you get to the crown.
6. Gently brush all sections back towards the nape, and smooth hair to tame any fly-aways with a Mason Pearson brush.
6. Gather all of your hair into a low pony at the base of your nape, being sure not to crush the volume you have just built. Use an elastic bungee to make sure all of your hair stays in place.
7. With the fine tooth comb, back comb the ponytail to create a pliable piece.
8. Twist the piece into a bun, knot, or any disheveled shape. Attach it to the base of the ponytail, near the elastic with bobby pins. Spray with Sally Hershberger Major Body Hairspray.
9. Taking the sectioned hair around the face, randomly twist and bobby pin (Some behind the ear, others blended into the shape) each piece.
10. Once you have all your hair into place, spray the entire look with Sally Hershberger's Salon Smooth Fix to bring added shine to the sexy, textured look.

Last tips:
1. Don't be afraid of volume. The bigger, the better -- as long as the front pieces are pinned to naturally frame your face, don't worry about how much volume you have in the crown and back of the hair.
2. The front pieces should not look too contrived. The more subtle and natural falling, the sexier and more modern the look will be. Imagine that the front pieces are a frame and a window to your facial features. Mystery is always good.
3. For added texture and softness, feel free to curl the hair around your hairline before incorporating the pieces into the do.
4. For extra sleekness, you can also twist the ponytail into a clean french twist at your nape.
5. It's ok if a couple pieces fall out around the face. It will give the look a sexier, more lived in edge.

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