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Celebrate being single in Des Moines

Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and cast members of SNL dancing to "Single Ladies"
Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and cast members of SNL dancing to "Single Ladies"
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I’m a lucky girl. I am in a great relationship with a loving guy that I plan on marrying some day. Valentine’s day, and February in general is handcrafted with people like me in mind.

So, on the flipside, it must suck to be single this time of year. I vaguely remember the sickly feeling upon waking up alone and realizing my Valentine’s Day had become ‘Singles Awareness Day’ yet again. Turns out there’s an entire WEEK in February devoted to you sad pathetic souls.

Celebrate Being Single Week
-February 21-28 is a time when those companion-less souls can convene and rejoice not being the victim of snoring, Dutch ovens, and other hazards of being in a committed relationship.

Des Moines is full of great places for singles to party. The Court Avenue District is where tons of singles flock every weekend for the sole purpose of hooking up. Uncle Buck’s Party Bar has an ad playing on the radio right now saying it’s the place to hook up. You can even improve your chances there by riding the mechanical bull.

The Ingersoll strip is another area where singles in their 20’s and 30’s hang out. Star Bar, Wellman’s Pub and The Alpine Tap Room are all great places to try. Best of all, it's right by Des Moines University, so maybe you can find a doctor -or at least a med student- to bring home to mom and dad.

So singles- get glammed up and enjoy being able to focus on yourself!


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