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Celebrate being a kid with Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid

Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid
Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid
Cristine Struble

Long gone are the books, homework and studying when summer vacation takes over. Kids, and families, focus on having fun. The time is spent playing, enjoying the outdoors and living in the moment. Popsicle asked families to submit their "rules" to have fun like a kid. The Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid highlights the joy of having fun.

The Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid range from the silly to the endearing. Popsicle asked families across the country to help compile a guidebook of the top “rules” for how to have fun like a kid. Select rules were featured in the guidebook and have been entered for the chance to win $500 and to have their “rule” on future, limited-edition boxes of Popsicle pops! Even celebrities like Brooke Burke, Peter Facinelli and Holly Robinson Peete helped spread the summer fun.

Reading over the guide book, I am reminded of a simple time when fun was dominated by play versus electronic diversion. For many parents, summer meant playing outdoors till the streetlights came on. Bringing that sense of freedom and enjoyment to our children is a highlight of the summer. Here are a few of my favorite sentiments from the Popsicle Rules for Being a Kid.

  • Forts rule! Create a fort on the next rainy day.
  • Sky shapes rule! Lie on the ground and see what shapes, images or animals appear in the sky.
  • Why rule! Never stop asking why.
  • Good sport rule! It's not always about winning; it's about having fun too.
  • The Super rule! Dream big like a superhero.

These rules are just a few fun inspired sentiments for the summer. The key to any fun filled summer is spending time together enjoying the moment. Elaborate plans or expensive vacations can be wonderful, but the simple, unplanned moments can last a lifetime.

What sparks your family's favorite summer memory or rule for being a kid? Join the fun and enjoy the Rules of Being a Kid this summer.

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