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Celebrate April Fools' Day with TCM tomorrow with classic comedies

Plant yourself on the sofa or set your your DVRs because TCM is airing a full day of comedy in order to honor April Fools' Day. This isn't a prank either! Turner Classic Movies tomorrow will be airing comedies starting at 5 a.m. CST, starting with Harold Lloyd's silent comedy, "Safety Last."

The rest of the day the channel is airing such films like the Mel Brooks' movie "The Twelve Chairs," the popular funny film "The Pink Panther" Woody Allens' "The Sleeper," Abbott and Costello's "In Hollywood," a film with Lucille and Desi, "The Long, Long Trailer," two more silents, "The Kid," and "Steamboat Bill Jr," and several other classic comedies. For the complete schedule on what comedies are airing, here's a link: TCM April Fools' Day.

So they will be airing a diverse group of movies from silents to movies from the 70s. It should be a day of fun for classic movies fans of the comedy genre. It's also probably safer to hide your home on a day where pranksters are running around town. If you must hide out from a prankster, why not hide with TCM, and watch some classic funny movies!

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