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Celebrate actress Vanessa Redgrave's birthday with these five films

Today is renowned actress, Vanessa Redgrave's birthday. She turned 77 today. The daughter of Michael Redgrave and Rachael Kempson, Vanessa has starred in plenty of award-winning pictures. Below are five films to watch to celebrate the brilliant British actress.

The 1971 "Mary Queen of the Scots," movie starred Redgrave as the Queen. Glenda Jackson, played Elizabeth the 1st. A great historical film to watch because both of the plot and cast.

This 1966 movie is quite popular for its star power. In the film, Redgrave played the bewitching Anne Boleyn.

Stephen Fears is back in the news for his new flick, this 1987 one had Redgrave in it, also starred with Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina.

Vanessa starred in 1997 in "Mrs. Dalloway," which is based off the Virginia Woolf novel with the same name. A dramatic film about society and war.

"Agatha" a 1979 movie that had Vanessa play the famed author, Agatha Christie. The movie about her disappearance. Dustin Hoffman and Timothy Dalton, also starred in the movie.

So this are just some of the movies that Vanessa Redgrave has starred in and to watch on her birthday. If interested here's a list of more of her filmography: "Redgrave Movies."

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