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Celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Celebrate the basics
Celebrate the basics
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The third Thursday, March 18, 2010 marks Incredible Kid Day!  This is a day marked to tell the incredible, special, terrific, and extraordinary children in your life how wonderful they are to you and others. 

It is sponsored by Camp Fire USA to show that a little encouragement can go a long way.  Camp Fire USA asks people of all ages to write letters (they have stationery and letter writing tips online) and send it to a child who you may or may not know.  Although Camp Fire USA is based out of Missouri, you can contact them or our local United Way of Central Maryland.

Many children go days without being told they are loved or that they are special.  In most Baltimore suburban cities, this fact seems impossible.  How could children be left on their own to fend for themselves?  How could they be sent out to play and not be wanted back in their parents' arms?  Those of us in the middle to upper income levels often had parents who told us we were incredible.  If you haven't told your child how wonderful they are, be sure to celebrate Incredible Kid Day!  If you are in the middle to lower income neighborhoods of Maryland, realize there are hurting hearts out there. 

Ideas to celebrate Incredible Kid Day:

Go out and buy a round of ice cream cones or candy bars from the ice cream truck.
Give an extra smile to a kid as you pass them on the sidewalk or at the local stores. 
Hand out sincere compliments.  Raise a spirit with a "cute shirt" or "nice smile".
Send an ecard to your little internet savvy kid. 
Pack a note in your child's lunch.  Send in an extra note for them to give their best friend that you like.
Snuggle up to them and share a great dessert.
Call a distant cousin or nephew and remind them how much you love them.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day has an official fan page on Facebook.  Watch for more ideas and warm stories there.

Don't let the day go by without celebrating the kids in your life.

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  • Becky Davis 5 years ago

    Thanks for your post about AIKD in March. While Camp Fire is based out of Missouri, we are serving youth in Baltimore too. We'd love for you to send a note about another great Camp Fire USA Baltimore event this May: the Urban Hike! We are gearing up for a fun day to encourage outdoor exploration for families and kids of all ages. Did you know that one of the largest urban woodlands on the East Coast is right here in Baltimore City! Come explore with us!! www-dot-discovercfusa-dot-org

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