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Celebrate 75 years of Marvel with exclusive collection of Marvel Masterworks

2014 is the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics and big plans are underway to celebrate the big event. Over the weekend one of the premiere exclusives for the celebration was announced through In an interivew with the websites host John Rhett Thomas, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel and Collections Editor Jeff Youngquist announced the "Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set." This stunning collection will collect the original comics that launched the Marvel Universe as we know it today created by the likes of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber and more.

Here are the ten Marvel Masterworks that will be collected inside the "Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set."
Jack Kirby
The spine designs for the new collection line up for exclusive imagery.
Marvel Comics

"Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set" will feature the signature ten books from Marvel's Silver Age: "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four," "The X-Men," "The Mighty Thor," "Captain America," "The Invincible Iron Man," "Avengers," "The Incredible Hulk," "Daredevil," and "Doctor Strange." But this collection will also debut a classic Marvel satire comic which will be collected for the first time ever, "Not Brand Echh."

Each of the titles featured in the collection feature roughly a year of comics, in some cases more, fully restored and often better looking that the original comics. The "Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set" will also feature exclusive dust jackets that will only be available in this collection that when the spines match up they make a complete image featuring Marvel characters of the 1960s.

All of the books will slip nicely into a slipcase in the design of the classic Avengers Mansion from the early issues of the "Avengers" series.

For more information on the collection please read the full interview on

David Gabriel had this to say about the collection:

With our 75th anniversary this year, we wanted something completely different from anything we've ever done. We also wanted to get some of the original volumes of the Masterworks HCs back in stock, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something unique. When we discussed what type of packaging we could go with, the idea of putting those volumes into a replica of the original Avengers Mansion just seemed like an exciting idea. From there, everything else followed: making this a limited print run, adding an Alex Ross poster signed by Stan Lee, and then finally adding the never-before-printed "Not Brand Echh" volume to give fans something truly remarkable and one of a kind!

The collection will retail for $500 and will be available September 2014. Preorders are being taken through's sponsor Talesof at a significant discount.

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