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Celadon tower making Ninth Ave living head upscale

The emptied old central library builing on E Street, just west of Ninth Avenue, will not downgrade the block property in the downtown enighborhood. Across the avenue, on the eastside, Bridge Housing put Turner Construction to work building a twenty story living tower for downtown locals.

Built from the ground up. Construction crew works on the Celadon at street level. Jan 15th.
Adam Benjamin
Turner building Celadon at Ninth Avenue and Broadway corner.
Adam Benjamin

Look out windows out over Broadway will change the block front bricks, in the past, made a practical kind of classy. Poverty shut out by the lofted living spaces will not turn into an unsightly grounds for the down and out the city and its housing commission settled with Bridge will add to the downtown affordable housing stock. Apartments in the heights open for leasers in Spring 2015.

The homeless have a place to get counted among the ordinary permanent residents.

Seven floors high, on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014, the Celadon already cast a large shadow on its Ninth Avenue and Broadway corner. COnstruction workers walking the wide empty floor halls open to the outdoors built up the floors lined with steel planks and wood planks. Topping up the seventh floor, and shooting up the high floor pillars, kept plenty of workers busy.

Count on a rooftop garden showing up at the fifth floor height workers stood. The Celadon life Bridge has planned for the downtown corner gives the low to moderate income renters an opportunity to enjoy more than the necessities. Long stories of matching picture glassed fronts will let in clear sweeping light. Enough to house an indoor garden near the glass top.

Studio E put in plenty of windows in the Celadon floor fronts Turner workers have already framed. Rooms with a view start at the second floor. And, go on up.

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