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CeeLo Green deletes offensive rape tweets as TBS cancels his show

CeeLo Green

After a firestorm of criticism leveled at singer CeeLo Green for social media comments he made about rape on Sunday, he apologized on Tuesday. The latest in the controversy is that TBS has canceled his reality show, “The Good Life,” according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday. The comments made on Twitter by CeeLo Green – which have since been deleted – allegedly compared rape and consensual sex in a manner that incredibly offended his social media followers.

The women’s advocacy group called UltraViolet headed an online petition designed for TBS and its parent company Time Warner to cancel Green’s television show. Specifically, Ultra Violet asked the media outlet to cancel the show rather than giving Green a huge public platform. In a demanding voice, the petition said: “They’ve got to drop him now.” And, they have.

The entertainer was sentenced this past Friday to a three-year term of probation. This was his sentence after pleading no contest to charges he faced regarding a ‘rape’ case. He was charged with having given a 33-year-old woman ecstasy drugs and then taking her to her hotel room. Two days after the court proceedings, on Sunday, he took to social media’s Twitter to try to defend himself after persons had gone after him with comments.

Green wrote in an effort to defend his actions in the past that if someone is passed out they are not even ‘with’ you consciously. Therefore, he said, ‘with’ implies consent. As the story goes, the woman who was with Green does not remember having sex with him. However, she says that she woke up next to him in bed. An attorney for Green claimed that the relations Green had with the woman were consensual.

Prosecutors, according to Fox News, did not charge the Grammy Award-winning singer with rape of an intoxicated person due to insufficient evidence. In Green’s offensive defense of himself, he wrote that when someone breaks into a home there is broken glass. Then he asks ‘where is your plausible proof anyone was raped?’ He concluded his social media outburst of defense by writing, “So if I ‘tried’ but did ‘not’ succeed but the person said I ‘did,’ then what really happened?” These comments on Twitter tended to only exacerbate his social media debate with those who were commenting with him on Twitter.

Comments from social media users were of a wide variety, but they were negative for certain. One woman displayed sarcasm by saying that she was going to live by the wise words of CeeLo Green. She said that technically she didn’t just eat that burger because her eyes were closed. Another person wrote, “This will be known as the day CeeLo Green died to me.” Another wrote that Green claims that only women who ‘remember’ can be raped, and she goes on to say that “It’s terrifying someone could have this mindset.” Yet another wrote that Green’s claims on theft are that it’s only stealing if the person sees you do it.

In spite of CeeLo Green's massive presence in the entertainment field, there are those who believe his career is now toast - perhaps similar to the R Kelly fallout from his past legal problems with sexual matters. CeeLo is most recently known as a coach on the popular television show "The Voice." He also has a respected music career, having been a Grammy Award winner in the past.

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