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Cee Lo Green won't be going to jail over drug charge

Cee Lo Green
Cee Lo Green
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Cee Lo Green of "The Voice" will not be ending up in jail over a drug charge that made headlines in 2012. On Saturday, Star Pulse shared the news about this singer and coach from "The Voice" on NBC. He has ended up being lucky enough to not get any jail time on this charge.

The accusations were that he spiked a girl's drink with ecstasy to have sex with her after they had a dinner date. The one thing about the story was that it was not a random girl saying this but was actually the singer's ex-girlfriend accusing him. He was able to enter a plea deal in the case.

Cee Lo Green will not be going to jail, but he did get probation and community service. He will have to keep his act together and not get into any more trouble with the law if he wants to stay out of jail. Cee Lo plead not guilty at first and then changed it to no contest. The sexual assault charge was dropped because they did not have enough evidence against him.

He will be completing 360 hours of community service, but will also have to go to 52 private alcohol counseling sessions. MSN shared that he was able to enter a plea where he maintained his innocence in this case. He will have three years of probation in this case as well. Cee Lo Green will be allowed to travel for work. This does mean that you will get the chance to see him perform in concert still so don't miss out.