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Cee Lo Green Quits 'The Voice': Star is done after four seasons

Cee Lo Green
Getty Images

Cee Lo Green has made the choice to leave "The Voice" which shocks a lot of fans. On Feb. 19, Wet Paint shared the news that he is leaving the show. Nobody else has announced they are going to be leaving so far.

He says that he is not coming back, but that doesn't mean that fans won't be seeing him on television. Cee Lo is working with NBC on a few other ideas and will probably end up back on television just not as a coach on this show anymore. He is also working on a new album and hasn't done one in four years. He feels like it is time to get his music career going again.

Shakira and Usher are going to be working with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine now. It is very possible that one of them could take over the spot that Cee Lo Green was expected to take back in the next season. He says that he is toally done with "The Voice" and not coming back at all.

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