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Cedric Lee denies Oplan Bugbog; diverts the issue to Vhong Navarro

YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online
YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online
Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Zimmer Raz, Bernice Lee

After their arrest in the Town of Oras, Eastern Samar last Saturday, Cedric Lee and Zimmer, two of the seven accused in the mauling of actor TV host Vhong Navarro are said to be arraigned at the sala of Judge Paz Esperanza Cortez of the Taguig Regional Trial Court tomorrow morning, April 29. As you all know, Cedric and his co-accused are facing serious illegal detention case filed by Vhong Navarro, but unfortunately, the alleged mastermind is also facing tax case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR and it was reported on ABS-CBN News this evening, April 28, 2014.

This tax case is another challenge to Cedric Lee because the bureau is claiming that he is not paying taxes regularly. The bureau decided to file the case against him on March 27 when his firm, Izumo Contractors, allegedly evaded tax payments for four years amounting to Php194.47M.

Before these issues came out, some observers say Cedric Lee is living a comfortable life because of his businesses and connections to the government and private individuals, but according o them, things have changed when he met Deniece Cornejo. Allegedly, he and his group met at Deniece's condominium unit last Jan. 22, just a few hours before the mauling incident happened.

Based on the narration of Tony Calvento with Buzz Ng Bayan host Boy Abunda last Sunday, Jed Fernandez informed him that Cedric convinced them (his group) to teach Vhong a lesson. Tony did not give any detailed explanation for Jed's declaration, but according to some observers who are following this mauling incident, the actor's previous visit at Deniece's condominium unit was one of the reasons why Cedric got mad at him.

In an interview with Maan Macapagal, one of the ace reporters of ABS-CBN, Cedric denied the "Oplan Bugbog" and diverted the issue to Vhong Navarro.