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Cedar Springs man charged with stomping on cat's head in front of children

Stackhouse has been charged with felony animal cruelty for intentionally killing the cat named Luna.
Kent County Sheriff's Department

In an egregious act of animal cruelty in front of neighbors and young children, Cedar Springs, Mich. resident Michael Stackhouse, faces felony animal cruelty charges for intentionally killing a cat earlier this week reported

On Monday, a woman from the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, called authorities to report her husband had killed a neighbor's cat who had allegedly jumped through a partially open door of their home and began fighting with the family's two small dogs.

According to the police report, Stackhouse grabbed the cat and threw the animal out into the street. And then, in front of neighbors and children, who were extremely upset at the scene, Stackhouse then allegedly stomped on the cat's head.

According to the, Stackhouse stated he had pulled the cat out from underneath his bed, and the cat hit the door jamb breaking her neck. Stackhouse then threw the cat out into the street, and stated she was twitching; he then stomped on her head to put the animal out of her misery. A neighbor, however said when she saw the cat land on her side after being thrown, the cat's eye had protruded.

Authorities have ordered a necropsy of the cat.

The cat's name was Luna; her former owner had just given the timid animal to another neighbor. Rest in peace Luna.

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