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Cedar Point closed: Amusement park closed until Monday due to water main break

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Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio was closed throughout the entire weekend, but is expected to open on Monday after a water main broke in the city of Sandusky, Ohio. The Port Clinton News Herald reported on June 8, 2014, that the break disrupted the primary water supply and therefore kept Cedar Point closed.

Officials of Cedar Point closed the park and three hotels on the northern Ohio property during the day on Saturday, June 7, 2014. They state the reason as being a lack of reliable water was posing a safety risks for those inside the park.

Cedar Point closed during the day on Saturday, but most of those heading to the park had no idea until after they had arrived. A number of summer vacations were halted and some ruined.

"This was our vacation," Roger Balderas of South Bend, Indiana, told The Sandusky Register.

Balderas drove four hours from Indiana with his wife Debbie, their daughter, and their daughter's friend, but simply found Cedar Point closed.

Debbie Balderas went to the ticket window to get refunds for their tickets, but she had to wait over an hour as there were many others with the same idea. After getting their refund, the Balderas family was stuck in traffic for hours as many other families were all leaving at the same time.

Cedar Point did issue a statement on their website:

"We recognize that this situation has caused many of our guests to be disappointed," the statement said. "We are sorry that this has happened."

Many people trying to go to the park still are very upset, even after receiving a refund for their tickets. Since they had driven so far, they still had to pay for their hotels in the area, but now had nowhere to go, with Cedar Point closed.



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