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Cecil County dogs attack elderly woman


Leashes and kennels help keep dogs and people safe.

Photo: Meghan Anderson-Colangelo/SXC

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According to an article in the Cecil Whig, a woman may have owned the dogs that banded together to attack her 77-year-old mother. Despite their size, when the ten dogs ganged up, they mounted a formidable attack and actually dragged the elderly woman as they bit her.

The Colora, Maryland woman was hospitalized, but is expected to recover. The dogs were not so lucky. During the rescue, a police officer had to actually shoot three of the dogs because they went after him, too.

As the SPCA began to remove the rest of the dogs, workers discovered there were actually around 20 dogs living at that location.

This sad story teaches some important lessons and raises a big question:

  • A dog doesn't have to be big to be dangerous. It just has to be untrained or owned by someone who doesn't understand dog behavior. The dog pictured on the newspaper's front page was a downright adorable little puppy and several people stressed that the dogs in the pack were of a small to medium size.
  • Owning more dogs than you can control is unsafe for you, your community and your pets.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to run loose, especially if they are untrained and unsupervised. If they would have gotten off the property, these dogs could have easily killed a small child.

And the question: Should Cecil County implement a limit on the number of pet dogs a person can own along with its current licensing requirement that requires breeders, groomers, etc. to acquire a kennel license for five or more dogs? 



  • dog parent 5 years ago

    I'd support limiting the number of dogs in my family only if the government limits the number of children irresponsible parents can have! At least I don't have to pay for schools for the dogs... It is not the number or size of the dogs but the way they are cared for by the "owner."

  • dog parent 5 years ago

    Just to add: another Examiner reported on a study on which are the most aggressive dog breeds: number one is daschund! (The Examiner won't let me post the link to the URL but it should be easy enough to find.)
    Judging by the pictures in the paper, the dogs in this case were part daschund.

  • doggie daddy 5 years ago

    Had the SPCA been doing its job, this situation would not have existed long enough to become a problem.

  • pamela 5 years ago

    so doggie daddy, would you have the dogcatcher steal the dogs when nothing had happened? this was a family matter, their own dogs bit a family member. no one else in the public was hurt. guess you just want to trash the spca or think that the government should trespass on your property anytime and steal your stuff-- or pets.